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Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

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Couples therapy can help nurture your relationship. Working with a couples therapist can help both partners identify feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that affect your relationship. We can unwind the underlying patterns and help actualize the dreams of both partners.

There are many reasons to begin couples therapy

Do you feel disconnected from your spouse? Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like you know one another, making you feel lonely in your relationship. Have you been struggling to resolve conflict and want to stop arguing with your partner? You want to have peace in your house, but the same fights keep coming up over and over in your relationship.

Has your relationship been affected by an affair? You crave answers to what’s next for your relationship. You crave guidance to help navigate the unclear and often confusing emotions that follow an affair.

As new parents, are you and your partner trying to figure out how to navigate through parenthood AND marriage? You and your spouse may have have different ideas of raising children. So, you may feel under-appreciated or misunderstood by your partner.

Have you wondered if your marriage is heading towards divorce? Even in your head, you don’t want to go there, but you don’t know how to approach all of the problems in your relationship.

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you and your partner may need to consider beginning couples therapy. The marriage counselors at our Philadelphia, PA-based therapy practice can help with reconnecting, communicating and restoring intimacy in your relationship.

 “We are born in relationship, we are wounded in relationship, and we can heal in relationship.”

– Harville Hendrix

What is couples therapy or marriage counseling?

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You and your partner know that something needs to change, but you aren’t sure what. So, you’re considering couples therapy. Know that couples therapy can also be referred to as “couples counseling” or “marriage counseling.” These terms all speak to the same types of therapy.
We know that it’s hard to ask for help. Couples therapy can be particularly hard to begin. Both partners have to agree to make the choice to come. Then, you must agree on which couples therapist can meet both your needs. This is where we come in. Our marriage counselors pride ourselves on being straightforward. If we can’t meet your needs here, we’ll help you find someone who can. We are committed to you and your relationship from the moment you step inside our office.
If you had a heart condition, would you want to go to your general practitioner? Maybe for the initial screening, but I’m guessing you’d then take their advice and go see a cardiologist. Think of a marriage counselor as the cardiologist. Sometimes, we help with minor relationship problems. On the other hand, we may help untangle some pretty complex issues. In fact, we assist couples heal from infidelity and those who are on the brink of divorce. Regardless of the situation, you want an expert to help you find healing in your relationship.

How do we know we need couples therapy?

There are numerous reasons couples attend marriage counseling. Some common reasons include infidelity, conflict in communication, and lack of intimacy. Perhaps you and your partner are already separated, or you live together but haven’t been intimate in months or years. Sometimes couples choose therapy because their marriage has struggled to adjust. Sometimes after having children, relationships can take a hit. Perhaps you’re at the opposite end of the spectrum and have become an empty-nesterYou’re realizing here’s very little left between you and your partner after so many years of focusing on children.
The truth is, any reason you want to start couples therapy in is okay. Seriously. If you’re not sure why you’re unhappy, haven’t told your partner how unhappy you are, or any other reason, it’s all okay. Couples therapy can work through all those things, and more.

Common reasons couples begin marriage counseling

Image of two hands holding one another. This image represents the love found after working with a marriage counselor for couples therapy in Philadelphia, PA. 19301 | 19425 | 19341We are passionate about helping couples and improving relationships. And our marriage counselors believe in the power of strong, healthy relationships. So, we offer sessions for couples looking to create a deeper and lasting relationship.

We believe you can have the relationship you have always desired and we are here to help you! Couples therapy is a proven strategy that allows partners to stay together. Working through their fighting and developing new ways to communicate and connect is how we get there.

Some of the specific things you can expect to gain from couples counseling and/or marriage counseling include:

  • Learning new ways to communicate effectively
  • Restoring connection and bringing you closer
  • Building trust
  • Conflict resolution
  • Intimacy and connection
  • Affair recovery/infidelity
  • Reconnecting sexually
  • Newer couples/pre-marital counseling
  • Bridging emotional gaps
  • Millennial relationships
  • Postpartum concerns
  • Addiction and its impact on the relationship

Premarital counseling

In addition to couples therapy, our team also specializes in premarital counseling for partners that are moving to the next level in their relationships. Premarital counseling can help you and your significant other improve your relationship by helping you develop better communication skills, learn conflict management, and uncover your shared core values.

Our couples therapists help partners discuss issues that we often help clients with in marriage counseling, too. In sessions, we provide open dialogue on such topics as finances, intimacy, parenting, role expectations, family of origin dynamics, and so much more! This is an early martial investment that is worth every penny.

Our approach to marriage counseling

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We aim to empower couples in making difficult decisions. To push them to be heard and have a voice in their own life, to become experts on themselves and their relationship. Our marriage counselors have been trained in very specific couples therapy approaches including the Gottman Method, Imago Therapy, and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Additionally, we attend trainings on couples & marriage counseling issues regularly. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on tailoring our therapy approach to meet each couple’s individual needs.
The good news is that couples therapy does work and can help. Our marriage counselors help couples reconnect and find joy, love, and excitement in their relationship again. At our Philadelphia, PA-based therapy practice, counseling sessions are structured for change. We ask that you practice the new communication strategies in the office. However, it’s important to note that to see change, each partner has to be willing to do the work.
Are you ready to get your relationship or marriage back?

Begin Couples Therapy in Philadelphia, PA

We are here to work with you to repair your relationship and move forward. As couples therapists, we believe that your relationship doesn’t have to stay stuck. Instead, we feel that with patience, empathy, and improved communication skills, there is a way forward. If you and your partner are ready to meet with one of our caring couples therapists either in-person or online, follow the steps below.
  1. Complete our contact form describing your therapy needs and one of our team members will contact you.
  2. Start meeting with a skilled marriage counselor.
  3. Find freedom and joy in your relationship once again.

Other Services at Main Line Counseling Specialists

We know that life isn’t always easy. And when it gets tough, you deserve to have support. If you choose to pursue therapy at our counseling practice in Philadelphia, PA, you’ll be met with a listening, compassionate ear. Our therapists provide counseling services for the whole family, from teens, to young adults, and individual adults, too. To meet you where you’re at, we offer in-home sessions by appointment, in-office session, or online therapy sessions for anyone living in Pennsylvania! Let’s get started.