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"Failure to Launch" Syndrome

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Do you have an adult child still living at home, long after you expected them to move out?

Are you having trouble getting your adult child to maintain employment or help out around the house?

Does your adult child spend a lot of time playing video games, or hanging out with friends instead of working or going to school?

Photo of a young adult moving out representing a young person who has worked with a family therapist, developed confidence, battled depression, managed anxiety and found direction in their life. We offer that support in our Paoli, PA counseling office or through online therapy to people throughout the Philadelphia area.More young adults are struggling in recent years with a phenomenon known as “Failure to Launch” syndrome. While not an actual diagnosis, Failure to Launch syndrome refers to young adults who have struggled or failed to transition into adulthood. This has been observed to be happening especially often in millennials. Some people blame it on over-protective parenting, societal and economic changes or even technological advancements. The truth can probably found through a combination of factors. But the bottom line is that young people aren’t always finding their motivation and their place in society very easily.

Young adults with this syndrome may lag behind their peers in completing schooling or maintaining employment. They may still live at home and spend an inordinate amount of time on social media or playing video games. If your adult child lacks confidence, has little to no work ethic and lacks goals or motivation, they may be suffering from Failure to Launch syndrome. Other symptoms include entitlement, social anxiety, low tolerance for stress, and failure to assume adult responsibilities.

If any of this resonates with what’s going on in your life…

  •     Your adult child fails to maintain employment or stay in school
  •     Your adult child is anxious, depressed or lacks motivation
  •     You have arguments with your spouse or minor children because your adult child is still living at home
  •     Your adult child acts hostile, entitled and/or refuses to help out with basic chores
  •     You want to help motivate your adult son or daughter to finish school or improve their grades
  •     You need help enforcing structure and boundaries at home
  •     You’d like your adult child to contribute with rent and chores while going to school or work

… then family and individual therapy with a licensed mental health professional can help.

Photo of a young male in a counseling session with a family therapist. Our therapists offer counseling and mental health therapy to individuals in the Philadelphia area.Therapy for Young Adults in Philadelphia, PA

Therapy and structure can help young adults successfully transition into adulthood. Individual therapy can help them identify underlying causes for the issues they struggle with such as anxiety, depression or just stress. Additionally, a therapist can help young adults find new and positive ways to cope with and overcome these difficulties.

If your adult child is struggling with Failure to Launch syndrome, our therapists can help. Give us a call today and let’s schedule a time to talk.