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New Year, New You: Setting an Intention for 2022

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New Year, New You: Setting an Intention for 2022

What does the New Year represent to you? Many people view the New Year as a time to evaluate and set resolutions (getting into better physical shape or decreasing time on social media). Self-reflection and setting new intentions does not come easily to many and can lead to feelings of failure if goals are not met.

Tips for Better Mental Health in 2022

To best support the success of your 2022 goals, here are a few tips:

Set a SMART goal for your resolution

Often people set unrealistic and overwhelming expectations on themselves in the new year such as “run a marathon” when you have yet to run a 5k. These types of resolutions can start off your year with stress when you are unable to accomplish them. Instead, set yourself up for success by setting a resolution that is: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely (ex: “go for a 15 minute walk each day during my lunch break”). You can always build off these goals with new, more challenging ones as you accomplish them.

Focus on what you can control

Many people stress about situations that they cannot control (unknown factors and fears about the future). While it is normal and healthy to plan for the unknown, too much time spent on this can cause high levels of stress and can result in feeling “stuck”. Instead, invest time and energy on working to improve areas of your life you have control over (ex: healthy nutrition, exercise routine, self-care routine, hobbies). Be mindful and in the moment focusing on what you can do right now to improve your life.

Set boundaries with people in your life

With technology allowing for 24/7 communication many people are finding a lot of grey area in our life. Take time to identify what boundaries will best support your lifestyle and communicate those boundaries to people in your life (ex: “I will not be available on the weekend for work emails and will respond to messages on Monday morning”). Setting these boundaries will not only allow you to be more present in your day-to-day life but will also help those in your life know what to expect/how to best communicate with you.

Consider setting time for self-care and self-reflection

Waiting for the New Year to reflect and set new goals can be overwhelming as it can feel like a large amount of time to reflect on. Set time to check-in with yourself regularly (weekly/monthly) so that you can reflect and adjust goals as needed. Setting a self-care routine (daily/weekly) to ensure you are managing your physical and mental health regularly will help prevent burn out.

Author: Ashley Regina

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